My Experience with Therapy

Hello Queens!

I hope the past few weeks have been a blessing to you. I try to post once a week, but of course something always gets in the way. I am a mom of a new pup (blog post coming soon), so I’ve been busy training him and loving on him.

Photo courtesy of Healthy Black Woman

Photo courtesy of Healthy Black Woman

Today’s topic is therapy/counseling. I just finished my third session with my therapist, and I can say that I have made progress so far. I feel a lot better and I believe it is a great tool even if you aren’t struggling with things like depression and anxiety. My first session was all about intake, so she got to know me and what I was struggling with. My last two sessions have been us identifying what I want to work on as well as her asking me what has been going on in my life and giving me suggestions on how to deal with certain issues.

One of the biggest takeaways from therapy so far has been that confrontation is not automatically a bad thing. I’ve always viewed it this way because I’m not an argumentative person. My therapist has helped me realize that standing up for myself doesn’t mean that an argument will ensue. I can still express my point of view in a respectful manner. It’s not up to me to think about how the other person will respond and that’s what I have been doing. The only thing that should matter is me releasing how I am feeling, so I’m learning to put myself first.

The other big takeaway I’ve gotten is that it’s not fair to live under other people’s expectations of me. I have to live for myself and not worry about who may not agree with certain decisions. I’m sure a lot of people struggle with this, but you have to live for YOU and your own happiness. Yes, you might make some mistakes along the way, but they are YOUR mistakes and you should be confident in your choices.

Also, since I’ve been going to therapy, I have been more focused on myself and I have been telling people no when I need a break. I feel much lighter and less overwhelmed. Do you go to therapy? If so, what have you learned so far?