My Issues with Social Media

My Dearest Queens!

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Photo courtesy of Forbes

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with family, love, and great food. Today I’m going to be talking about what bothers me about social media.

For months I couldn’t pinpoint why I was having such a love/hate relationship with social media (specifically Instagram). Since about the end of August I found myself posting less and not even having the desire to. Of course I would still scroll occasionally to get the latest tea from The Shaderoom. I mean who’s not guilty of that? LOL. But something was different. Why didn’t I want to post and live my life off of social media?

For me, social media puts a ton of pressure on me and I shouldn’t have to feel like that. Why do I feel obligated to show my “followers” what I’m doing with my life? It’s basically like a competition of who has the best life and I don’t want to compete anymore. Most days I look like a regular degular girl who just worked 8 hours and has been tending to a puppy. I don’t feel like posting when I’m exhausted or when I feel down in the dumps. I don’t want to record every second of my life. It’s just way too much.

Would I like to build my brand? Yes. But staying on social media is draining. If it isn’t someone flexing about how great their life is, it’s negative people in comments bullying people or arguing over opinions. It’s overwhelming. Everyone has something to say, and most of the time it’s negative. I get that social media provides a stream of income for many people, but I encourage people to take breaks from it because it’s not real life. Real life is the real people in your life that offer you a shoulder to cry on. Real life is the moments that are not captured on camera, but you still remember perfectly how they made you feel. Real life is not putting on a facade to make everyone believe that your life is flawless. I’m not saying that you have to post every pitfall, but remember who’s following you. Hang out with your friends and family without your phone out. Life is too short!

Do you take breaks from social media? How often?