Should Cardi B Take Offset Back?

Hey Queens!

Photo courtesy of E! Online

Photo courtesy of E! Online

As you are probably well-aware, Cardi B and Offset have been heating social media up for the past few days. The biggest question is if they will reconcile, and this whole situation has been grinding my gears, so I decided to blog about it.

First, I would like to say that at the end of the day, Cardi B is entitled to make the best choice for HER and Kulture, and it’s really none of my business what she decides; however, I want to talk about how this situation has amplified how dysfunctional society and their views on relationships are.

So basically Offset has publicly embarrassed Cardi B more than once. He is constantly cheating and disrespecting the vows he made to his wife, and I think this time was the last straw. Cardi B is probably tired of fighting side chicks and wants her daughter to admire her decisions. When a man constantly disrespects you and humiliates you in front of the world, I’m sure you become fed up.

My heart goes out to Cardi B because she has to deal with all of this while being under the microscope of the world. EVERYONE and their mama has an opinion on what she should do and it’s extremely unfair. Cardi B is probably really confused. She took vows and has a child with this man, but she’s hurt and doesn’t believe he’ll change (I mean he’s showed her he can’t be faithful). Now she has to hear from her peers that she should take him back because he apologized. What kind of mess is that? Who is going to hold this man accountable for his actions? Who is going to try to mentor him and teach him what a man really is? So far I haven’t seen anyone tell him that he’s wrong and that he should change BEFORE he can expect Cardi to trust him again. The BEST apology is changed behavior.

The advice of other celebrities and even people in the comments of popular social media pages disgusts me simply because there is an unhealthy narrative being pushed. No, women are not obligated to take a man back after constant disrespect. If the shoe was on the other foot, Cardi would be called all kinds of thots and men would be throwing dirt on her name and encouraging Offset to move on; but since it’s Offset (a man), it’s to be expected and forgiven. The double standard is sickening. If Cardi is expected to be a faithful wife, Offset should be expected to be a faithful husband. It’s as simple as that. Mutual respect. Did they not BOTH take vows?

The last piece I would like to address is the lowkey emotionally manipulative stunts Offset is pulling. Even if it isn’t his intention to do so, that’s exactly what it is. I get that he’s trying everything in his power to get her back and might feel like doing it publicly means more, but NO stop. A line has to be drawn. Give Cardi time to make her own decision without being pressured everyday. Don’t come on stage and distract her before her performance in front of thousands of people! That’s public intimidation, and I’m proud that Cardi didn’t give in on the spot.

So do I think they should get back together? Only if Offset is willing to do the work to gain her trust back and is fully committed to being faithful. I get that he’s young, rich, and powerful but he’s still married. That’s not an excuse. Yes, it makes him a target, but practice some self control Offset. Don’t put yourself in compromising positions. If you know women will try you at the club, go home after your performance. GROW UP! Marriage is sacrifice and if he truly wants to make it work, he will do what is necessary.

I would love to hear your thoughts…