Single and Frustrated?

Hey Beautiful,

Now I know if you're single and you read the title of this post, there's probably an 80% you said "Yuuuuuuppppp!" I mean we've all been there even if we've made it to a point of contentment. It's like an emotional roller coaster. One week we're totally filled up by God and shouting that Casey J song from the rooftops, and the next, that "lonely" spirit tries to creep in while we watch romantic comedies on Netflix. Sure, we've all had moments of doubts and blatant insecurity, so don't feel bad. It's normal. We're human and sometimes our emotions can become so amplified that we can't see or hear past our own thoughts.

I can definitely relate to the struggle! I'm 24 and SUPER single (like my phone has been Sahara Desert dry for the past 2 years single). Not to mention that more than half of my friends are in relationships. And all I see on social media are countless engagements, beautiful weddings, and new family additions that give me baby fever. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy for my peers, but to keep it real, every once and awhile I get frustrated. Then to top it off, the devil has a way of kicking me when I'm down. He tries to tell me lies and discourage me. I know you've heard those subconscious thoughts and questions like "What if I never get married?" "You're going to be single for the rest of your life." "He would never take you seriously," etc. And when I add in the "lack" of men that actually would respect my purity and chase after God with me, I'm ready to throw my hands up and be like

For me, this frustration has gotten so much better as I have grown in contentment with my singleness, but it does still raise it's ugly head if I'm not prayed up. So how do I push through the frustration? I simply lean on God. I am reminded everyday of God's love when I talk to him. I feel his embrace, but I know some people don't feel that way. I suggest that you pray to feel his love and comfort. It works, trust me! Get into your Word so that you're spiritually fed and encouraged, but most importantly know that singleness is not a curse! God is not punishing you in this season. He's actually sculpting and molding you so that you are prepared for that marriage. Don't ever get weary in waiting. Go to work! Work on yourself, your goals, and your relationship with God. Don't sit around waiting and doing nothing. Get what you have to get done while you're waiting on God to write your love story. Also remember that there is a difference between being alone and lonely. Which one are you? Do you NEED a man to make you feel comforted and better about life, or are you simply waiting and working alone until your single season is complete? Think about it.