#WCW LeahsEssence on Career, Faith, and Her Relationship

YouTuber Leah Clark, also known as LeahsEssence is a 22-year-old from the Chicagoland area. She posts videos every Sunday that fall into the categories of Christianity, uplifting others, curly hair, makeup, and her lifestyle. She also works in corporate Human Resources.


Clark began recording YouTube videos at age 19, while she was a student at The University of Illinois. She initially started her channel to document her natural hair journey and to share her hair tips, but God had a plan for her channel since the beginning. She named it Leahs "Essence" because she knew it would evolve into more than hair, but she wasn't quite sure what it would be. Fast forward to three years later, where she is still doing hair tutorials, but she is also spreading the Gospel.

The life of a YouTuber isn't as easy as you may think. Clark said that the most difficult part about being a beauty influencer is coming up with new creative content. "I don't typically do many styles with my hair, so after I upload a wash n' go, or bun tutorial I'm usually at a roadblock!," said Clark.

When asked how her relationship with God has transformed her life, Clark said, "My relationship with God has shown me that it is okay to be imperfect. Over the years, I became a bit of a perfectionist. If I did well at something, I took all of the credit. If I failed at something, I took all of the burden. When I was younger I was not necessarily humble, and did not truly see God's involvement in my life at the time. It was only when I grew older that I realized how much God was involved in it all."

She also explained why she thinks others should have a relationship with God. "I think it's important for others to have a relationship with God because, when you allow Him to, He can and will transform your life. He makes all things new. (Revelation 21:5) We need somewhere to turn to be made brand new. I don't know about y'all, but I need God, because I need to be transformed," said Clark. "I've learned that conquering things such as unforgiveness, anger, jealously, discontentment, anxiousness, or any other negative emotion is impossible to handle without God. Why live a life where you try to figure everything out on your own? Having a relationship with God allows you to cast your cares onto Him. (1 Peter 5:7) You won't have to walk through life purposeless and alone when you pursue a relationship with God."

Transparency can often times be difficult for some, but for Clark, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Not only is she open about her relationship with Christ, but she is also pretty open about her godly relationship with her boyfriend.  Here are some gems she dropped about relationships...

"Being equally yoked is very important. My boyfriend and I are on the same page regarding most things, but especially our faith. In our relationship, God is the foundation. When we have troubles we turn to God, when everything is great we thank God, and every day we actively aim to seek God," said Clark. "Years ago before I knew him, I would entertain guys who were not on the same page as me spiritually. They were not able to love me the way I needed to be loved, because they did not have a relationship with God. I always felt like something was missing. Before I met my boyfriend, I was completely taking a break from dating and entertaining pointless relationships with men. During that time I trusted The Lord would provide for me. It was not easy at all, but it was so worth it because God sent me His best. Everything is better when you surrender to God and let Him take control."

Watch her Q&A video with her boyfriend Cory here!

Last but not least, Clark shared her views on women supporting each other. "I am learning that what God has for you, nobody can take. If somebody takes something from you, it was never truly yours. Jealousy and envy are real, and a lot of people deal with it. I have dealt with it too at times and it is a very nasty emotion, that simply is not of God. I think if any woman is having difficulty genuinely supporting somebody else, it is best to pray about it and let God mend that wound. We need each other! When you realize nobody can take what is yours, it gets a lot easier to show support," said Clark.

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