The Cheating Double Standard

Hey Ladies and Fellas!

There's something that I gotta get off my chest. What's with our culture accepting the double standard of cheating? Why is it "OK" for men to cheat, but a crime when women do it? How come women have to practice more self-control than men? Why do women have to expect a man to cheat and put up with it? It's pure foolishness, but this double standard is plastered all over mainstream media. Whether it's such and such cheating on their wife and bringing back a love child or a disease, or it's a rapper or athlete leaving their pregnant girlfriend/fiance for another woman; we see it all day everyday via Baller Alert, The Shade Room, and TMZ. Honestly, it's sickening. But what can we do about it? I think that we need to have open and honest conversations about this damaging double standard.

By accepting this double standard we are doing more and more damage to future generations. No wonder why it seems like people equate marriage to a piece of paper nowadays and why we fear commitment. It all comes down to self-control if you ask me. We all should be responsible for our actions and should own up to our mistakes. Of course we're not perfect, but sweeping cheating under the rug is not the way to go. As a woman, I am expected to be "a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed," and if I end up cheating I'm a whore, disrespectful, etc. And as a man, he's expected to financially provide, but IF he does cheat it's justified because he "covers" his family. What sense does that make? So you're telling me that just because he pays the bills he can also be halfway committed to his family? Hmmm... so if a woman cooks, cleans, and tends to the children, she's allowed to have a dude on the side too? NOPE! She shouldn't even think twice about cheating. She should practice more self-control. Why? Because she's a woman and cheating is just what men do.


No I'm not condoning women cheating at all, although it might seem that way, but I am simply stating facts and playing devil's advocate. Both men and women fall into temptation and have sexual desires, so it's a bunch of crap to say that men have MORE sexual desire, so we should cut them some slack. NOPE! I'm not here for it at all. If women are held to a certain standard, men should be as well. Infidelity should never be accepted! If you don't want your woman to cheat, you shouldn't be doing it either. It's as simple as that.

So Fellas, if you are a cheater, you need to start practicing self-control. The same self-control you expect your woman to always abide by. And Ladies, we've got to stop accepting this dog-like behavior. Know your worth. You deserve a faithful man and you don't have to settle for one who cannot control his flesh. What will his behavior teach your children about relationships? And imagine the damage it is doing to your family structure and your health!

Last but not least, I will say that couples need to be able to have conversations with each other. Yes, there will be times when you are not attracted to your partner and there will be times where you will lust for another woman or man. But when you are struggling with this, it is important to go straight to your spouse. Be honest. Let them know that you are not feeling sexually or emotionally attracted to them in the moment, but you want to fix it. It'll be a tough pill to swallow, but at least they'll know to pray for you and to show you the love you might feel like you're missing.


Jessica Lewis