Do You Take Grace for Granted?

Grace. Where do I start?  God lead me to post this to make us all think.

We live in a world that tells us that we can basically do what we want to do and that we should do anything necessary to get what we want. We also live a self-gratified world where everything is accessible with the click of a button. It's like no real work has to be put into anything like career, family,  and relationships nowadays because there is an app for literally every problem known to man. I'm not saying technology is horrible because in some ways it is a necessary evil, but I am saying that the distraction has made it even harder to take our relationship with God seriously. We've gotten extremely lazy. It's like we have more time to scroll on Instagram, and watch our favorite YouTuber than we do to read a devotional, pray, and even teach our own kids about Jesus. I'm guilty too! Don't get it twisted LOL.


This lazy behavior has now spilled over into our own arrogance. And this arrogance allows us to believe that God understands being a sinner so we shouldn't have to clean up our acts or take responsibility for anything. I hear it all the time. "Well, God knows my heart. He knows I'm not perfect." or "I'm a work in progress." Yes, all of these statements are true, but just because God is the only person who truly knows us and our hearts, doesn't mean that he accepts our sin. God NEVER accepts our sin, but he does show us unconditional grace that we almost always take for granted. But let me take this point even deeper... God also knows when we're full of crap! We can say all we want that we don't want to sin, but if we aren't making the conscious effort to improve upon the sins we struggle with, then God knows exactly what kind of Christian you are. I heard Donnie McClurkin say that the kind of person that isn't convicted by their wrongdoing simply just practices religion and is not a Christian. I was mind-blown. He stated that perfectly! Let me explain... if your goal is not to be Christ-like, then you are not a Christian. Now I'm not saying that you won't sin. I mean come on, we all sin each and everyday; but I am saying that if your life goal is not to become more an more like Christ and to turn away from the sin that has you bound, you aren't a follower of Christ. It's just that simple.

Don't just assume that grace will save you. We will all be judged for every single sin we have committed during our lifetime, and that's nothing to take lightly. But many of us just cling onto grace, yet have never opened our mouths and repented for our sins. Crazy huh? Do not take God's protection and love for granted. Show him that you appreciate him with your intentional actions to model after him.

So let me break this down furthermore... we've got to stop being lukewarm "Christians." We've got to stop disrespecting our Father by saying we are Christ-like, but we feel no remorse for sin. Now I'm not talking about legalistic things like eating seafood, wearing jewelry, or which day you observe the Sabbath; but I am referring to sin that has been laid out in our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Bible). Specifics like fornication, homosexuality, lying, stealing, adultery, idol worship, etc. But the problem is that we don't want to be held accountable for anything.  No, that's not how it works. If you commit a crime, you are punished. Correct? We should view sin the same way. The only difference is that we don't have to be punished eternally if we just ask for forgiveness and INTENTIONALLY pursue Christ-likeness. And no this is not an easy task by any means; especially because the world sends us a much different messages like "Have sex with anyone you please." or "You'll be happy if you are a millionaire, drive this car, and live in this mansion."

I challenge you today to practice your appreciation of grace and to live for Christ!

XO, Jess