Relationship Idols

Let's talk about relationship idols! First... what exactly is an idol? Idol: any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion. And if you know the 10 commandments, the word idol is also used to prevent believers from worshiping other gods, people or things, but why do we still struggle with idol worship? It's simple. It's easier to love a person, place, or thing that we can grasp and see, than it is to do the same to a Spirit. 

People love the idea of God, but don't necessarily love God. They love what he can do for them, but as soon as the blessings "stop" rolling in, they give up on God. We'd rather spend time scrolling on social media, cuddling up with our boy toys, or watching the newest episode of Empire. Now, I'm not saying that having a life outside of our relationship with God is horrible, but I am saying that we have to create balance (which is tricky). Just like finding time to fit your spouse and children into your life, God needs to be a priority as well if you are a believer. Ideally, God should be number one and everything else should follow. Trust me, I'm guilty of it too, so I'm not judging, but I do want to make you think. How many hours a day do you spend with God compared to the hours you spend on social media, watching tv, in the gym, hanging with your boyfriend, etc.? It's most likely significantly less. You're not a bad person, but it should convict your heart when you think about it.

Idols are extremely dangerous because they become so important that we can't imagine life without them. I remember in my last relationship, I couldn't go a day without speaking to my boyfriend. I was totally wrapped up in him. I was even willing to compromise my own convictions and beliefs just to be loved by him. Idol on aisle 3!

There's no problem with loving your boyfriend or spouse, but when he's more important than God, that's when things get sticky. Your man didn't die for your sins, and your man also doesn't breathe life into your body each morning. Yes, I get it... companionship makes it difficult not to run to him for advice first, but have you tried seeking God first? Your man is Sway and he doesn't have the answers, but God does for sure. Plus, I know you're not running to him for advice when you're having an issue with him LOL. Exactly! You're either begging God for guidance or texting your girlfriends for sound advice.

And don't get me started on us single ladies. We spend more time conjuring up a plan to get a man than submitting our will to Christ.


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