#WCW Tori Stipcak: When Art + Science Collide


24-year-old, Southwestern Pennsylvania native, Tori Stipcak is not only a phenomenal photographer, but in 2014 also earned a degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Environmental Resource Management with minors in Biology and Water Resource Management, and a specialization in Entomology. However, after four years (two at Seton Hill University and two at Penn State) of studying the craft that she thought she would make a career out of, she had a change of heart. "Don't get me wrong, I cherish my education and everything that I’ve learned from the world of higher education," said Stipcak. "My artsy-self and my science-driven self have always been in conflict with each other, and photography seemingly satisfies both. So combined with my weirdly systematic and intuitive, but creative, mind, having a photography business couldn’t be a more perfect fit."

Now, Stipcak owns her own photography company called Victoria Irene Photography or 'VIP,' where she has a plethora of work ranging from portraits to engagement photos. Her portfolio is absolutely amazing, but this is no surprise because she's been perfecting her skill since she was a pre-teen. "I just remember picking up my parents’ DSLR camera at one point in middle school and never giving it back… I was always super interested in the environment, so some of my first memories of photography were taking pictures of things I found outside. From there, my love for photography grew as incorporated it into my high school extracurriculars like yearbook and journalism," said Stipcak.

When asked what the most difficult part about photography is, she elaborated on the idea of being her own toughest critic. " It’s a constant struggle for me to find satisfaction with my work. Though, that mentality has really pushed me to become a better photographer and hone in on my abilities," said Stipcak.

Interestingly enough, Stipcak's love for both science and the artistic side of photography intertwine again because her dream job(s) are to shoot for National Geographic and a high-end restaurant or an upscale magazine.

In addition, this well-rounded Woman Crush is an advocate of girl power and inspiring other women. "We all have strengths and unique talents we can be sharing with each other! Not to break out the clichés, but each person is one of a kind, so shouldn’t we be using that to our advantage and building off one another? It’s amazing what happens when we all work together. And nothing is more uplifting to me than seeing someone be confident in their weird-self," said Stipcak.

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