Discipline is probably one of the best attributes you can have. I say this because discipline can relate to all areas of your life. If you have no discipline, your life will end up in shambles.

Lately, I've noticed how discipline in one area of life directly correlates to others. For instance, right now I am on a month-long "sweets diet," that prohibits me from enjoying cookies, cakes, muffins, candy, etc. The first week wasn't easy, but I made it through! It also doesn't help that I have a full cookie jar in my kitchen that stares at me from every angle. I can't lie, those cookies almost got me, but I stood firm. Mainly because there is an end goal. I decided to eliminate sweets for a month to help me not only find a balance between enjoying food and over-indulging and to also aid in my fitness journey. I gained a few pounds towards the end of the summer due to stress and a wrist injury that kept me out of kickboxing. I'm going to Jamaica in November, so the goal is to have a kick-butt body for my vacation.

Photo courtesy of Focus on the Family

Photo courtesy of Focus on the Family

Restrictions or diets are not only for people who are overweight. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "you're so tiny! why do you need to be on a diet?" It's not about that. I want to make sure I'm not putting my body at risk by eating sweets whenever they're available in the break room at work. So back to the point... I noticed that my resistance to sweets has helped me in saying no to other things like spending more time on social media than I need to. I spent last week also practicing discipline by only posting promotional things for upcoming events, but not allowing myself to scroll. It was tough because if you're on social media posting something, of course you want to scroll to get your daily fix of "who's doing what today?" I made it through that as well and now I am giving myself 30 mins per day to spend on social media. I always end up straying away from the rule after about three weeks or so, but this time I am determined to stick with it just so my mind isn't so polluted with everything I see on the daily.

Discipline is super important! You need it for time management, health and fitness, remaining faithful to your husband, etc. Believe it or not, discipline has helped me fight serious temptation. Since I have practiced it in other ways, it's easier for me to say no to my sexual urges. And celibacy has made me disciplined when it comes to delayed gratification, which is mentioned in the book "The Wait." It really is true. Celibacy builds my perseverance and my patience. That's why it's pretty easy for me not to go off on folks and hold my composure. I was already a patient person, but my patience has grown even more. But back to celibacy... one of the most important reasons why I spread the message is because disciplining your body and it's sexual desires is how you practice monogamy and being faithful even before you meet your spouse. If you can discipline your body without a ton of temptation, you can withstand the temptation of cheating because you are trained to avoid folding under the pressure flesh puts on us. You saying no to a cookie directly correlates to you saying no to a man who is not your husband.

How do you practice discipline? What's the most difficult part?