Prayer for the week

Father God, 

I thank you for bringing me to the end of another week and into the beginning of another. This week I ask that you allow all of my circumstances, both good and bad, to strike a desire in me to pray. Please teach me to come to you first before complaining, worrying, and growing anxious. Teach and remind me of your word so that I may rely on that for strength and levelness. Increase my desire to stay close to you during all times. May I remember to wait on you because the pain and sufferings I am experiencing now does not compare to your glory. May I also remember that you will meet all of my needs according to your plan.  Father, please keep my heart, mind, and spirit inclined to your testimonies. I thank you for allow me to be afflicted because it teaches me more about you. 

In your name, I pray, 


Tyra Hinton