Work Your Purpose Part 2


Mara Brock Akil  Photo courtesy of ETonline

Mara Brock Akil

Photo courtesy of ETonline

I’m back with part 2! In part 1, I discussed finding your purpose and living in it, but in part 2, I’m going to be talking about taking God’s vision for your life to the next level. First, I want to say that I don’t move without God. If he’s silent for a season, then I wait until he reveals the next step of the plan.

I recently took a 1-month hiatus from social media. It was a fast. I had to let my flesh know who dominates it by getting my priorities in check. Taking a step away from social media gave me clarity, and God spoke to me about my next steps for my brand. Within the next few months, you guys will see all this unfold.

Sometimes God’s purpose for your life could be you leading a ministry at church or serving in volunteer work or missions, but sometimes God might require you to make your passion a business and career. In part 1, I used the example of having a passion for hair, so I will continue with this example. Say you start offering hair appointments on the weekends, but you feel God pushing you to do more. It might be scary, but God might give you ideas like (writing a book on hair care, connecting with a chemist to create your own hair products line, or even opening up your own mobile salon).

Trusting God’s purpose for your life can be difficult, but God doesn’t give anyone a vision without provision. God won’t give you a huge vision without investors already lined up. Yes, there might be times where you don’t know how things are going to come together, but I promise you that every time God will come through in the nick of time. This is exactly what I experienced when making my web series, The C-Word. At every corner, God had someone there to help the vision come to fruition. I spent many nights crying because I was frustrated and didn’t know how a way was going to be made. I made the tough choice of trusting God through these times and he exceeded my expectations every time! My web series was featured at film festivals, and we even won an award for best writing. The show reached many people, encouraged them, and even made some people view celibacy in a new light. Yes, I might be getting some glory here on Earth, but the glory belongs to God! He gave me this vision and blessed me with the gift of writing and creating.

Issa Rae  Photo courtesy of PopSugar

Issa Rae

Photo courtesy of PopSugar

If you’re in my shoes and you feel God leading you to make a career out of your passions, listen closely to God. He will give you marketing ideas, provide opportunities, and much more. Obviously, you have to do some work as well, but make sure God is leading you. Here are some tips to help you work your purpose and make money doing it.

Seek a Mentor

Seek the counsel of someone who inspires you. They could be in the same arena you are in, or they could just be knowledgeable about business and general. I don’t have a mentor yet, but I am praying for one :) This person should be experienced, have similar values, and ultimately want to see you win.

Create a Marketing Plan

Read books, ask business owners, or even follow the model of some of the most successful companies. Educate yourself on social media and other digital marketing strategies to cultivate growth for your brand.

Take Classes + Attend Workshops

Always stay up-to-date on best practices and ways to improve your business. If you don’t have the funds to do this, YouTube is FREE and has lots of great information.

Raise Funds + Collaborate with Other Brands

You can use sites like GoFundMe, IndieGogo, and Patreon to raise money to get started. Most likely you want have investors throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at you from the beginning, but do not be discouraged. Start small. I raised over $1000 on GoFundMe. Collaborating with other brands gets your name out there and increases your audience/customer base. Brands have reached out to me and asked to place ads in my web series and even on my blog.

Be Patient

Not everyone’s success is overnight. Just know that if God gave you the vision, it will come to fruition. It might not fully be revealed until 5, 10, or 20 years later, but hang in there! Remain consistent and true to your brand.