Self Worth

Photo courtesy of Black Fitness Today

Photo courtesy of Black Fitness Today

Sometimes in life we as woman forget who we TRULY are as believers in Christ.

At a time in my life, I didn’t know who I was. I would compare myself to other people, especially on social media. I saw other women my age with thousands of likes on their posts. Here I am with maybe 25 likes at the most on Instagram. I would try to make my profile public to get more views on the IG Story. I also thought well maybe guys would hit up my inbox. So just let me take a sexy picture of myself and post it. In the end I tried and tried and nothing seem to work.

My conscious had bothered me and there I was trying to fit in, when I was born to stand out. I lacked confidence in myself and wanted the wrong attention, I wanted people to tell me how I look, so I could feel better. I felt like if I did not seek validation then I was not worthy of anything.

I had to sit down, look my self in the mirror and have several seats and remember what God had said in His word. Girrrllllll…..don’t you know that you are the daughter of the most high King? You are Beautiful, Strong, Brilliant, Loved, Fearfully & Wonderfully made. And also clothed with righteousness. So why continue to do those things and think simple minded when those ways are foolish?

Ladies remember you are special and no one can tell you any different. Believe in yourself wholeheartedly and be the real you. Set an example for yourself and also the generation that is coming up behind you. Be a role model and don’t let the negative thoughts take over your mind. Instead fill them up with positive affirmations about yourself. Hold your head up high, smile and walk with grace for you wear it well. It looks good on you.

— Jocelyn Bishop