Photo courtesy of King Marc Richardson’s Facebook

Photo courtesy of King Marc Richardson’s Facebook

This week God has really ministered to me about the fear and effects of rejection and how it has plagued my bloodline for several generations. I won’t give a sob story, but I will say that from a very young age, I experienced social rejection on many levels. I didn’t realize how the fear of rejection created in me an unhealthy desire to be accepted, to the point that I wanted acceptance from everyone and I was willing to do almost anything to get it. This week God made me aware that this is something that has effected my father and is now affecting my own children. I’ve learned that the fear of rejection can motivate you enter into relationships that are not good for you or lead you to sabotage relationships that are good for you. When you weigh the value of relationships based on your own need to feel accepted, the relationship is being built on a weak foundation. From my experience, as soon as that friend, colleague, or significant other makes you feel like they don’t accept your personality or your ideas, or even your flaws it’s very easy to confuse that with thinking that they don’t accept you. This mindset can cause damage to your self-esteem and confidence, and you are likely to carry those unhealed wounds into your next social connection. So I’m thinking “OK God thanks for making me aware, but um, how do I fix it?” The answer I received is simple, but still takes effort to apply;

”In order to be redirected, you have to be rejected” - Pastor Hart Ramsey

Allow me to put it into a more practical perspective: when we are using GPS to get to an unknown location and we make a wrong turn, the GPS then begins to reroute us in order to get us back on the path we need to travel on in order to reach our destination. The same applies when we are faced with rejection in our lives. Perhaps that application that was denied was not the destination for the plan God has for your life. Maybe that relationship that ended abruptly was keeping you from actually meeting your future spouse. So God rerouted you from the wrong direction to get you to the right one. I believe once we can adapt this perspective regarding rejection, we will no longer take it offensively, rather we will see it as a defense, trusting that God is protecting us from going the wrong way.

— Diamond Jaggers