Feminine Care

Hey Queens,

I sincerely apologize for there not being a post on Wednesday; however, here I am today.

Today’s topic is tender love and care for your lady parts. I’m sure we all know that if we don’t treat them with TLC, the end result won’t be good. I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ve learned quite a few things in my almost 27 years of life about health and safety for our vaginas.

Photo courtesy of WELL Insiders

Photo courtesy of WELL Insiders

I specifically want to talk about a product I have been using for about two months to clean my lady parts. It’s called The Honey Pot. I first heard of this company on T-Pain’s show, T-Pain’s School of Business. I was intrigued because first and foremost, the company was created by a woman of color AND the vaginal wash is all-natural. The owner, Beatrice Feliu-Espada says that she suffered from Bacteria Vaginosis for a whole year until she created the perfect concoction to heal her from it.

Beatrice Feliu-Espada  Photo courtesy of Women’s Voices for the Earth

Beatrice Feliu-Espada

Photo courtesy of Women’s Voices for the Earth

I know yeasts infections, BV, and other vaginal issues can be embarrassing, but it’s just part of being a woman and learning what’s best FOR your health. Soaps can irritate our lady parts and cause us to suffer with embarrassing smells, discharge and other things. Soap has never caused any issues for me personally; however, my vagina just feels more fresh since using The Honey Pot Feminine Wash. They also offer a sensitive solution, but I use the normal one.

I use this wash every time I bathe. I use my hands to apply it generously (2-3 foam pumps). I don’t put it in my vagina. You should never put cleansing products IN your vagina. Your vagina is self-cleaning. See how it miraculously cleans itself after that time of the month?

Even though the fragrance is very light. I feel and smell fresh all day no matter how active I am, or if it’s that time of the month. It’s honestly one of the best forms of TLC I have shown my lady parts. For total lady part care, practice eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, wearing underwear that fit (not too tight to restrict airflow), wearing cotton underwear if other materials trigger issues, and using a feminine wash like The Honey Pot.

If you’re an Amazon girl, you can purchase The Honey Pot by clicking on the icon to your right. It’s also available at Target.

The Honey Pot also makes pads, tampons, and much more! I haven’t tried them, but if they’re anything like the feminine wash, you’ll have a great experience.