You Can’t Skip the Steps

This week the Lord has been ministering to me about the word that makes many believers cringe… PROCESS 😓 Logically speaking, we all can acknowledge that all tasks are completed through a process and each step in the process is essential.


For example, when it comes to baking a cake, we know that certain ingredients are required; however, it’s not worth having all of the ingredients if you don’t follow the steps required for cooking them. If you put cake mix, eggs, water, and oil in a pan without mixing the ingredients together I can guarantee that your cake will not be edible. We can apply this metaphor to steps taken towards fulfilling our divine purpose on Earth.

God has placed everything we need inside of us to fulfill our purpose: talents, gifts, anointing, etc., but with all of those things, we still have to go through a process of preparation before we can be used to the full potential of our destiny. That is the hard part because our generation enjoys the convenience of elevators so we often don’t take the stairs. But I declare that in this season of waiting and preparation, God is challenging us to experience every step in this process. We can’t skip the steps in this season even when we start to feel the burn in our legs or start to get fatigued from the climb. Although the elevator may be faster and easier, it is not as sturdy or reliable as a set of stairs. (You never hear of someone getting stuck in a stairwell like you can get stuck in an elevator). I believe that the joy of reaching our destination by walking/ climbing will be greater than the feeling of pushing a button to be carried up. I want to encourage you. Don’t stop. Don’t quit. Keep going!

“He will take you upstairs and show you a large room. The room will be completely furnished. Get everything ready for us there.”

Mark‬ ‭14:15‬ ‭GW‬‬

“So then, strengthen hands that are weak and knees that tremble. Cut through and make smooth, straight paths for your feet [that are safe and go in the right direction], so that the leg which is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather may be healed.”

‭‭HEBREWS‬ ‭12:12-13‬ ‭AMP‬‬

— Diamond Jaggers