Work Your Purpose Part 1

Hey Ladies,

I’m back with another blog post! This topic is really important to me. Why? Because I feel that everyone should know their purpose and work it. You. Yes, you, should know exactly why God placed you on this Earth. It’ll make figuring out a career and your future a little easier.

Most people who don’t know their purpose or who know their purpose, but aren’t working it, always feel unfulfilled. They often feel like something is missing. They might make six-figures, drive a luxury car, own their home, have a husband/wife and kids, but something still feels like it’s missing. They might enjoy their job, but have desires and passions that lie elsewhere. Does this sound like you? It’s time to work your purpose!

Now I’m not saying that your purpose will always require you to quit your 9-5 and start your own business, but I am saying that it might require you to put in some hours of work after your 9-5. Say you have always been passionate about hair and hair care/health, but you enjoy the stability of your corporate job. Why not offer hair appointments every other weekend? You don’t have to totally change career directions, but you can fulfill your purpose by connecting with clients and educating them on healthy hair.

Photo courtesy of Vashtie

Photo courtesy of Vashtie

Have lots of passions but you don’t know which direction to go? Call on God. Pray about what He sees for your life. This is exactly what I did, and God gave me the blueprint and continues to give me more ideas.

I always knew that writing was my love, but I wasn’t sure how to turn that into something that really mattered. Jessica at age 20 just knew she was going to be living a fabulous life in New York City. She would be a writer for Essence or maybe even Elle, but eventually she would become a big-time editor and then create her own magazine. But at age 22, Jessica realized that this wasn’t the plan God had for her life. It was a hard pill to swallow. This was the life I created in my head for years. How could my plan not work out? I was frustrated, but then I started praying to God for my purpose.

One afternoon in January 2016, I was awakened from a nap. God told me to get on my laptop, so I did. I got on YouTube and started watching a video by Rob Hill Sr. The video wasn’t really about purpose, but more about the trials and tribulations he went through. God directed my eyes to the title of the video. I saw “Redefined,” and that’s when God rolled out the whole plan for my life. He told me the name of my brand, the colors, what he wanted me to do, and even showed me a vision of myself on a stage with tons of women in the audience. I was in awe. Little old me? Why would God want me to lead women? Because that’s my purpose. My purpose is to connect with women, inspire and uplift them through my brand and just in general. It actually all makes sense. I’ve always had a servant’s heart and I have been mentoring since high school.

God has implanted a purpose into every one of his children, but it is up to us to ask for the key to unlock it. No purpose is too small. God has more for you then clocking in and out of a job. He has a purpose that will fulfill all of your needs and desires. Seek Him.

Want to turn your purpose into profit? Part 2 will be out next week!