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My Skincare Faves ft. Nolaskinsentials

Happy Hump Day Queens!

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you should know about my love for skincare. I love trying new products and finding the best way to care for the supple skin God has blessed me with. You only get one face, and I want it to look as healthy and youthful for as long as possible!

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. I purchased all these products and these are my true thoughts.

Back in February I posted my skincare routine, but since then a lot of things have changed. I started using new products last month and I am totally in love. The company is called Nolaskinsentials, and their products are vegan and all-natural. They offer a range of products for ALL skin types too. So if you struggle with dark spots, acne or even dryness, they have a full range of products specifically for your problems.

I’m a dry skin girl, especially in the winter! My skin feels so rough and it even cracks all over my body. I have to keep exfoliation on rotation and a great moisturizer to protect me from the harsh DMV weather. Most moisturizers do a pretty good job for me, but some leave me TOO moisturized and borderline greasy. But I finally found the perfect moisturizer!

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My Skincare Routine


Today’s topic is skincare. A topic that I’ve actually recently become quite obsessed with. Well maybe not obsessed, but extremely intrigued. I like trying different products and seeing how they contribute to my skin’s health or detriment. I will preface this blog post by saying that I have never had “bad” skin. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced break outs (minus a small pimple when it’s that time of the month), scarring, or extreme redness/dark spots. My skin is pretty much unproblematic; however, I do believe that the products I use and the care I show my skin keeps it glowing and prevents it from encountering any craziness.

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